maandag 31 maart 2014

Norakomi porting Retro Games to Android

It's been a while since we decided to start recreating and redesigning some old computer games for Andoird phones and tablets & i thought it to be time to start blogging to keep track of progress.

So far we got 3 projects running:
1. A port and redesign of the popular MSX game Knightmare  & setting up a game engine/code framework for future 2D vertical shooters.
2. A port and redesign of the MSX game Goonies & setting up a game engine/code framework for future platform games.
3. Flappy Manbow 2: A clone of the popular Flappy Bird game that will eventually function as teaser for a future port of  Norakomi's Manbow2 which was brought out on cartridge a couple of years ago for the old MSX computers only.

So where are we at?

  • Goonies-port: initial designs of first 2 level are finished; enemies and score design needs still to be setup though. Setups for the Splashscreen & MenuScreen are done, but need to be finished. Proper music needs to be added & finally we need to reskin the whole game so we can upload it to Google Play.
  • Flappy Manbow 2: currently this project stands pending because our main focus lies with the other 2 projects. I've been working on this project as part of a tutorial & reskin & recode it later.
    Here a small peak of what the game is gonna look like gameplay wise. Loads of stuff still needs to be done and fixed though...
    The game's look will later be changed to reflect Manbow 2's original graphics.

  • And eventually we wanna port Manbow 2 to Android. Here's what Manbow2 on MSX looks like:

  • Knightmare-port: initial 1st level map has been designed, basic collision detection and enemy & hero movement have been implemented. Maps & all graphics need to be redesigned. SplashScreen/MenuScreen & music need to be implemented.      

    More screen-/videoshots will follow soon...