zondag 26 oktober 2014

First app in the Store: Manbow Jr. - free "early release" version

While Manbow is occupied with destroying Kliever's home planet Manbow's son Jr. is occupied with something completely different?
"Is it a bird? Is it a plane?". No! It's Mam Bow Jr.!!

Mambow Jr. is a "teaser" game to the Norakomi's soon to be released Mambow2.
Based on one of our old time favourites, but spiced with the graphics and music of Mambow2, Mambow Jr. requires some serious skill to complete all 7* levels with our trademark 6 button on-screen movement controller. (don't say we didnt warn you)

Eat or be eaten!
Try to eat everything before THEY will get you.
Do you have the skill?

donderdag 2 oktober 2014

Development Log: Deva Prologue

The Project based on MSX' Goonies has been baptised "Deva Prologue" and gonna be a prequel to Norakomi's yet unfinished MSX game Deva that has been in development for quit a while now.

Currently graphics are being reworked by Robert Vroemisse who also created the Graphics for Deva.
And Deva's soundtrack composed by John Hassink will be re-used in Deva Prologue.

The Deva Prologue Title Screen + Soundtrack:

Deva MSX project demonstration: