woensdag 23 april 2014

Course of action - Knightmare Clone

So far the Knightmare based game has been upgraded with a TitleScreen, some pre-game en in-game background music and soundeffects and a GameOver screen.
The music & sound effects aren't working that great yet. Too often the music becomes jittery, speeds up or skips part. I've been using different classes for audio output from different libraries and asked around how to solve this, but haven't figured it out yet.

I thought it would be good to write down a course of action. Even though it seems like the game engine is almost finished, there is probably still a bunch of stuff that needs to be done before this will be transformed in such a way that it'll be suitable for uploading to the Google Play Store.

So here:


- Enemies:
  • Enemy movement: currently all the enemies have a similar and simpe movement path. Give different enemy types  different movement paths
  • Enemy health system: Incorporate a health system so that certain enemies need to be hit more often.
  • Enemy sound effects: add sound effects to certain enemies
  • Finish Boss enemy
- Our hero:
  • Create different animitions for when our hero moves or stays at the same place
  • Upgrade a weapons system, meaning give our  hero te possibility to pick up different weapons
  • Shield: Add a possibility to get a shield
- Add PowerUps
  • moving balloon like powerups that enables to switch weapon 
  • fixed position powerups for extra point, extra life & instantly kill all enemies on screen

- Levels
  • Adding 2 more levels. New enemy types & new bosses
- Visuals:
  • Change to landscape mode: portrait mode might not be suitable if we wanna incorporate a graphic on-screen movement controller. Changing to landscape mode means everything needs to be resized appropriately

- Movement controller:
  • Currently keyboard input is being used to control movement and to fire an arrow. A graphic interface needs to be created to read out touch input from tablets and phones which can be used to control our hero

- Graphics:
  • Everything needs to be redesigned & we might even wanna use a totally different theme.
  • Finish the Norakomi Logo so we can add a SplasScreen to the game with our own logo!
- Music:
  • intromusic
  • backgroundmusic (main theme)
  • boss music
  • sound effect: death of hero, fire animation sound on death of enemies, sound effects on enemy bullets hitting shield, sound effect on arrow hitting powerups, sound effects for different enemy types
Incorporating Add Networks
  • Chartboost(?)
  • Revmob(?)

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