dinsdag 8 april 2014

Sneakpreview Knightmare Clone

Here a sneakpreview of what the game looks like.

The initial design for the first level of our Knightmare clone is almost done & since other levels will be based on this one the initial design for all levels is almost finished.
Occasionally you see me switching between the yellow-black-reddish tilemap image & the background image.

Collision detection of our main character with the background is done, so where he could initially walk over water and through walls, he has now been made more human like.

I added three enemies as a test as well and even have made a small fire animation when an enemy gets shot, but all the enemies still need to be coded into the game.

On the right you see a screenshot from the whole map and where I'm planning to spawn the different type of enemies with the medusa like endboss on the top of the map.

Ofcourse like alwayzzz... Graphics will be totally reskinned...

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